TCG Festivals 2022

Our Mission

The Co-operative Group (TCG) operate temporary Food stores at festivals each year.

Symbol Consulting managed and delivered the end to end IT installs in 2021 and have been asked to put forward a proposal for 2022 to complete the following festivals:   

Key Objectives

Provide Project Management resource for the delivery of 9 festivals across 2022 and to provide direct reporting back to TCG.
Collection of all kit from current supplier in Stoke as well as building, testing, delivering, and installing all EPOS kit for both front, and back of house in our own workshop.
Supply and install Comms cabinet to TCG specification in the manager’s office area. This also includes the installation of the server, firewall, router, switch, and other required equipment.
Install Data structured cabling from all tills back into the comms cabinet in managers office area. This also included the installation of structured cabling for the DRS devices and the DJ booth.
Installation of Access Points and WIFI Survey to highlight any remedial work.
On site support of each festival from the hours of 7am to 3am with the inclusion of remote support from our own office to report back to the TCG IMAC team for further technical support
Creation of Documents highlighting all issues, and what was done to resolve them.
Decommission all kit at the end of each festival and return of stock to the supplier.

Keys To Success

  • All tills functional ensuring no (or very little) impact to trade.

  • Ensure all Power & Data cabling installed neatly and adhering to Health & Safety standards.
  • Ensure all Back Of house equipment including comms cabinet installed to TCG specification and functional.

  • Ensure access points installed high in the marquee so that no one can tamper with during trade.
  • Ensure access points provide sufficient WI-FI connectivity so that operational tasks can be carried out on the wireless devices.

  • Ensure onsite Symbol engineer presence at all times during trading hours.

  • Ensure Symbol Engineers hold all necessary certification and CSCS cards for site access.

  • Ensure sufficient back up stock onsite in case of any hardware failures.


Over 2022, we successfully provided necessities for multiple large events.

We hope to continue using our model for future festivals and look forward to what 2023 brings!

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