Midcounties COOP VoCoVo System Installation


Midcounties COOP researched and agreed that their stores and colleagues would benefit from the utilisation of the VoCoVo communication system across their whole estate.

As Symbol are experienced installers of this system, we were swiftly awarded this project.

Since we also operate the Midcounties Co-op IT Help Desk, this made for a smooth transition from project installation to BAU.
Scope of Project​

The project had multiple stages in which symbol had to adapt:

  • Logistics – Stock was received, checked and then picked for individual stores.

  • Scheduling – A geographical installation plan was created for maximum efficiency to allow our engineers to complete up to 5 stores a day.

  • Installation – This included data cabling, hardware installation and connectivity surveys to ensure full utilisation of the VoCovo system. A robust sign off was completed for all sites.

  • Support – Engineering teams worked closely with VoCovo Technical Support so ensure all systems were displaying online without fault.

    Symbol Technical Support Team also completed full VoCovo technical support training to expand their knowledge and allow Symbol to triage supports calls prior to transition of support to BAU.

  • BAU – The project has now transitioned into BAU, hardware is triaged to resolution via remote support, Break-Fix engineering, and warranty support.
Project​ Challenges
One of the biggest challenges with new projects is the BAU transition.

To overcome this barrier, we ensured constant communication with the help desk as well as overseeing all tickets for the starting period.

This was necessary so we could identify any extra training that was needed, as well as identifying potential issues before they grew out of hand.

Setting the Standard
As the project progressed, the Symbol engineers became more adept at working out better install locations for the receivers. This reduced the number of receivers installed onsite.

The Symbol installation team received a 95% success rate at install and a 99% rating from store colleagues.

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